Clear Choice ammunition is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the most popular and hard to fine calibers. We, like you, love to shoot. So we want as much range time or field time as possible. That means we need to have the ammo on hand. That is why we have pallets full of 22LR ammo in stock today! We do not over price or limit you on your ammo purchases. You won’t believe our incredible pricing on copper plated 22LR rounds. The same goes for our 9mm or 223/556 ammo. Because of our great quality, in stock availability the bulk of our customers are returning customers and all their friends that they share our website with. This is one reason our name and high reputation is spreading so quickly. Once you’ve purchased from us and seen the quality we are confident you’ll love us too.

Due to our customer demand we have moved to larger facilities in the beautiful Salmon Idaho area. We still have our business partners  in Salt Lake City Utah. Browse through our site and buy the ammo you have been looking for and you’ll become a fan too.